“A Marriage Story”-We are the Alan Aldas

Have you seen "A Marriage Story"? The movie shows a couple hoping for an amicable divorce and how the attorneys change the entire tone of their family and the process. Safe to say that The Amicable Divorce Network is where the "Alan Aldas" are. In Vanity Fair, Alda said of his character, a reasonable and [...]

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Tips for a Healthy Divorce

Tips for a Healthy Divorce By: Tracy Ann Moore-Grant 1. Select an attorney that shares your goals Divorce attorneys approach a divorce in several different ways and come zebras can’t change their stripes. Whether you are looking for an aggressive bulldog attorney or an amicable resolution minded attorney, be candid with any attorney you meet [...]

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Is the Tax Change Changing Minds?

By Tracy Ann Moore-Grant As of January 1, 2019, the tax consequences of alimony have changed. For agreements or court orders after that date, alimony is no longer tax deductible by the paying spouse or taxed as income to the receiving spouse. With this change, there are two main categories of cases impacted by this [...]

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Want a Divorce-what’s next?

You’ve decided you can’t stay in your marriage. You’ve tried and it’s not working.  What should you do to prepare for the process?   Should you tell your spouse immediately? Hire an attorney? Tell your best friend?  As you move forward, you will face a multitude of decisions that will have an effect on the rest [...]

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