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Alfred Chang - Attorney (family law)

Specialties: Attorney Members, Family Law Attorneys
Counties Served: Dawson, Hall, Lumpkin
Phone: (404) 202-4027
Dahlonega, GA,

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Dahlonega, Georgia

(706) 867-3103

As a solo practitioner, I have built my practice over 18 years by delivering great solid results at a price that is affordable for the working class of north Georgia. Until 2015, I didn't even maintain a website because all my business have been by word of mouth referrals. The overwhelming majority of clients who have used my services like me and like the results that I have delivered for them. They refer their friends and family to me. Over 18 years, thousands have counted on me during the most crucial and often difficult times in their lives: in divorces, during bankruptcies, when they buy/sell a house, when a loved one has died, when they are adopting a child, when a child has been removed by social services, when they are the victim of family violence. I've been there. I've met their legal needs. I've taken care of them.

Fees: Amicable and Uncontested Divorce rate $250/hr, $2500 retainer | Traditional Divorce: $250/hr, $2500 retainer.