COVID-19 Testing

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Primary Care

At Russell Medical we specialize in Primary Care. Our focus is on the prevention, early detection, and superior treatment of diseases of individuals and families of all ages. It is our mission to create a customized treatment plan for each individual to optimize physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Allergy Testing

Our comprehensive, needle-free allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment program includes testing for the 72 most common allergies in the region, customized sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops), regular follow up, and confirmatory testing.

Weight Loss

Work with us to reach your desired weight through custom weight loss plans, possibly including (but not limited to) behavior modification, custom meal plans, prescription medications, exercise, and physical training.


We believe in psychologically, emotionally, and physically treating our patients in ways

that allow them to live balanced lives. Our licensed social workers and psychologists are here to help.

Open 7 Days A Week @ 8am - 8pm